Motif #1 and wharf
Geoff Rand
If you tie up to the wharves in Rockport, you become part of the scenery. Painters and photographers are always looking for their signature shot of Motif #1 in the low morning light.

Rockport seems to exist just this side of magic realism. A narrow cut between rocky headlands provides the setting; a man-made breakwater forms the harbor. Massive wharves, built of Cape Ann granite, define the harbor's perimeter. Once used for the export of the town's namesake commodity, they now serve whale-watchers, lobstermen, and the throngs of summer visitors to Rockport's shops and galleries.

On the long stretch of coast between Gloucester and Portsmouth, Rockport is the only harbor that can be entered in (almost) any weather. The tiny mooring area, completely filled with local boats, offers near-perfect protection except in a stiff northeaster.

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