Going Ashore

The boatyard and marina comprise most of the civilization in Red Brook, and that in turn helps to establish much of the harbor's character. Bassetts Island is nearly deserted and the southern portion of the island is owned by the town (Bourne). It's beaches are a great destination for dinghy exploration. Note that the northern part of the island is private.

The mainland shores are similarly attractive and lightly developed. Within a mile of the harbor, the Bourne Conservation Trust controls nearly 100 acres of woods and fields, connected by a network of trails. We got a trail guide from the office at Parker's.

If you're looking for bright lights instead, the restaurant at Kingman's (the "Chart Room") draws a crowd from well beyond the harborfront. On a nondescript Friday in late September the wait for dinner was over an hour. For the self-reliant who nonetheless would like to get off the boat for a while, Parker's has charcoal grills on the beach.

shingle mermaid
Geoff Rand
Some complicated shingle work on the Red Brook Yacht Club at Parker's Boat Yard.
schooner brightwork
Geoff Rand
Fresh brightwork at Parker's.

One Hour Ashore

Just across the railroad tracks from the harbor is Red Brook Pond and its adjoining 40 acre conservation area.

Off the Beaten Path

Bassett Island is a longish dinghy trip if you're moored in the harbor, but it'll keep the kids engaged while waiting for an afternoon current in the Canal.

Rainy Day

Red Brook offers few diversions if you find yourself stormbound. There's a pingpong table in the Red Brook Yacht Club at Parker's, and a TV in the restaurant at Kingman's.


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Parker's and Kingman's both offer launch service to mooring customers. There are dinghy docks attached to both organizations' floats.

Showers, restrooms and trash facilities are available at both marinas.