Church belfry
Geoff Rand
This 1873 "Carpenter Gothic. . . diminutive stick-work belfry" {SHS} on the Episcopal Church is among the many nice architectural flourishes and quirky rooflines in the Wharf Village section of town near the waterfront.

The colonial-era village of Sippican broke away from neighboring Rochester and re-christened itself Marion in 1852. Sippican Harbor, which kept its original name, has been a favorite of cruising sailors for at least a century, since the Beverly Yacht Club moved to Marion in 1913/14.

Hundreds of boats make their homeport here every summer, but few sailors seem to put Marion on their cruising itinerary. Perhaps that's because it's a bit out of the way from the primary sea lanes from the Canal to Woods Hole or Narragansett Bay? Perhaps it's because the harbor features moorings rather than slips? Perhaps it's because the town is almost exclusively residential with few commercial shoreside diversions?

For a sailor who considers those features rather than bugs, however, Marion offers a lovely, well-protected harbor and streets that are uniquely attractive among Massachusetts' old coastal towns.

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