Going Ashore

All of the islands forming Hadley Harbor are privately owned by the Naushon Trust, a low-profile organization of the Forbes family. John Murray Forbes, the 19th century Boston merchant and capitalist, left the islands to his descendants in 1898, and the Trust has maintained them in a near-natural state (with a few Forbes houses) ever since.

Landing is prohibited anywhere in Hadley except for Bull Island, where visitors ashore are welcome. A quick walk offers views of the inner harbor, outer harbor and the entrance channel.

Naushon is also home to the first known population in New England of I. scapularis (the Lyme disease tick) - still reported to be thriving there.

hadley bridge
Geoff Rand
bull island dock
Geoff Rand
The dinghy dock at Bull Island.

One Hour Ashore

Bull Island is small and pretty; the setting is spectacular.

Off the Beaten Path

Bull Island is also pretty tightly circumscribed.

Maritime History

The islands themselves represent a bit of maritime history. John Murray Forbes purchased Naushon, the largest of the Elizabeths, in 1842 with money made at least in part from his work trading in China.

Rainy Day

About the only diversion in Hadley is to go below and read a book.


  • Dinghy

The dinghy dock on Bull Island is meant for visitors.

There are no other facilities in Hadley.