Nonesuch passing Halibut Point
Geoff Rand
The massive grout pile at the tip of Halibut Point is an accumulation of years of quarry rubble.

Folly Cove is the quintessential Cape Ann lunch stop. It may not be as dramatic as Brace Cove; certainly the entrance is less exhilarating. But while Brace Cove is ringed by beach and surrounded by the low flat terrain of Eastern Point, Folly Cove is all Cape Ann granite.

Halibut Point to the east and Folly Point to the west are high and steep, lending a sense of protection to the cove. The region's history as a granite quarry, from the early 1800s though the early 1900s, has left the point surrounded by thousands of irregularly shaped waste blocks. They make a strangely attractive addition to the natural landscape.

With its location halfway between Annisquam and Rockport, Folly Cove is a convenient stop on most Cape Ann itineraries.

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