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Geoff Rand


from Charlie Schock,

If you head straight from the Canal to Cuttyhunk, you will see the Elizabeth Islands come up on the left. They always seem to be way too far to the left; trust your compass, eventually Cuttyhunk will appear dead ahead. More often than not you have to beat down the Bay against a hazy southwester. . . The last five miles of the beat into Cuttyhunk always seems to take forever, so plan ahead and leave time for a relaxed happy hour.


from Bartholomew Gosnold,

. . .albeit it be so much to the southward, yet it is more cold than those parts of Europe, which are situated under the same parallel: but one thing is worth the noting, that notwithstanding the place is not so much subject to cold as England is, yet did we find the spring to be later there, than it is with us here, by almost a month: this whether it happened accidentally this last spring to be so, or whether it be so of course, I am not very certain; the latter seems most likely, whereof also there may be given some sufficient reason, which now I omit; as for the acorns we saw gathered on heaps, they were of the last year, but doubtless their summer continues longer than ours.


from John Brereton,

Read John Brereton's first-hand account of Gosnold's 1602 exploration of Buzzard's Bay and the Islands here.